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Safety & The Environment

Our Health and Safety Policies

A good safety record is important to our business, which is why we take every reasonable precaution to prevent injury or damage by complying with federal, provincial and local laws and regulations. One of our key goals is to protect our employees from injury and harm in the workplace. We want to be recognized by our peers, clients, and the community as a leader in our field while providing our employees with a safe and healthy workplace environment to work in. As such we work hard to:

  • Provide leadership, equipment and employee training
  • Comply with all legislation
  • Develop health and safety programs
  • Continue improvement through frequent review of health and safety policies and procedures
  • Provide immediate and effective response to all unsafe situations

Energy Efficiency & the Environment

When energy efficiency in a residence or commercial building increases, the utility bill goes down. So does the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the burning of fossil fuels. The smart environments we create for customers are efficient, safe and sustainable. This makes for a more productive and more comfortable life for occupants. This is good for business and for life. OMC is committed to environmental leadership in all of our business practices. We strive to:

  • Protect the environment by complying with all regulations
  • Be an environmentally responsible neighbour in the community where we operate by addressing potential environmental hazards
  • Conserve natural resources by adopting pollution prevention practices
  • Minimize waste and other pollution, disposing of it safely and responsibly
  • Participate in efforts to improve in environmental protection and understanding
  • Ensure all employees have knowledge of, and comply with, applicable environmental laws and regulations