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Independence Works for You

Why Use an Independent Service Organization?


We offer impartial, unbiased opinions – As a third party we have only have the best interest of the customer at heart when suggestions and comments about the equipment are made.

We are not tied to manufacturers policies – Since we have no direct link to the manufacturers, we are not governed by any policies that favour replacement over repair. We are able to make recommendations to the customer to minimize cost, while still maximizing equipment life.

We are free to substitute alternate parts – We have the ability to substitute parts that make sense, whether they lower the overall cost of operation and/or prolong the equipment life.

We have broader knowledge of machines and systems – Our exposure to many different types and makes of equipment allows us to use knowledge gained with one machine and apply it to other machines.

We bring a depth of experience – We have supplied systems and services extensively for commercial/industrial buildings, high rise residential complexes and various process applications. The systems we have supplied cover a broad spectrum of applications, environments and buildings. We bring that experience to you.